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ENG-L421 Beginning of Chinese Characters
Samuel Wang
Going with the theory that the Chinese language dates back to the Tower of Babel, the author takes a definitive look at a large number of older Chinese characters to see how they relate to the Hebrew Scriptures.  Answers questions such as:
  Why has this ancient, cumbersome character-writing survived for 4,000 years?
   Does the long history of the characters lend some clue to discovering the origin of the Chinese as a people, and therefore to the origin of all mankind?
   Do the basic "ABCs" of the writing (the so-called "radicals") carry historic meaning and parallel the Biblical Genesis?
   Is the original God of China the same as the Creator-God of the Bible?


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268pp ...$14.95
ENG-L430 Christian's Pocket Guide to the Chinese
An invaluable tool for those who have interaction with people from China.   Looks at Chinese students in detail:  why are they here?  what are they thinking? etc.


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ENG-L403 Discovery of Genesis
C.H. Kang and Ethel Nelson
Did you know that many of the acocunts of God and man in the early chapters of Genesis are reflected in pictograph characters that make up the Chinese language? It's an exciting discovery that provides a great tool for witnessing.


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139pp ...$11.99
ENG-L429 Faith of Our Fathers
God in Ancient China
Chan Kei Thong
A profound examination of China's cultural origins and history.  Gives evidence that for thousands of years the Chinese worshiped and offered sacrifice to a Supreme Being with characeristics similar to the God of the Bible.  Demonstrates that Chinese classical literature is consistent with Chritian revelation.


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327pp ...$21.95
ENG-L423 Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents
Asian American Team/Jeannette Yip coordinator
Written by and for Asian Americans, this guide helps readers discover and embrace Asian identity and learn to bridge the conflicting values of parents, cultue and faith.


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175pp ...$15.95
ENG-L415 God and the Ancient Chinese
Samuel Wang & Ethel Nelson
To what degree did God reveal Himself to the ancient Chinese? This comprehensive comparison of the old Classical Chinese writings with the Bible shows how much of the truth of God the ancient Chinese actually possessed.
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305pp ...$14.95
ENG-L412 God's Promise to the Chinese
Nelson and Broadberry and Choch
Gives a systematic analysis of the most ancient forms of Chinese characters, showing a fascinating link between them and the beginning chapters of Genesis.
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140pp ...$11.95
ENG-L427 Introduction to the Chinese
The booklet began as an in-depth research project. Sample groups in various levels of Chinese society were asked to describe their lives, hopes, fears and views of God. Several hundred Chinese from different areas of China gave additional feedback along with other foreigners with extensive experience in China. Finally a team of writers & China experts wove them all together into its present form. It is intended to capture some of the soul-oriented insights into the Chinese heart which will impact how we relate to or communicate with Chinese people.


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ENG-L413 Losing Face & Finding Grace
Tom Lin
12 inductive Bible studies especially geared toward the Asian-American. Face and grace are two themes that have run through the author's life. These studies help the Asian-Americans explore issues & questions common to their lives.


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77pp ...$7.95
CSS-L96 Oracle Bones Speak  BILINGUAL
Nelson and Broadberry
Filled with many colorful illustrations, the authors systematically show that the oldest forms of the Chinese characters found on tortoise shells & bones show a fascinating link between the pictographs they represent and the accounts in the beginning of Genesis.

You may also be interested in the DVDs -
Who Are the Chinese? or
Temple of Heaven


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240pp ...$19.95
ENG-L410 Reaching Students From the People's Replublic of China
Helpful cultural & spiritual insights on how to effectively share the gospel with these Chinese students.
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ENG-L435 Run to Glory
Ellen Caughey
The Story of Eric Liddell, Olympic Gold Medalist and Envoy to China.
Very inspiring account of role model, Eric Liddell who was a huge celebrity in Scotland as an Olympic gold medal winner, and then left all to sacrificially serve the Chinese people.  The motion picture Chariots of Fire is his story.
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