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ENG-L198 Storyteller's Bible Study -
Bill Perry
Second Edition. A complete teacher resource for conducting an introductory, cross-cultural Bible study. It lays a firm foundation for faith in 12 lessons and has been used effectively with new believers and with those who have no background in Christianity. This overview of the Bible is highly recommended and is an effective tool for sharing with international students (or any persons) who want to know more about God. Format 8-1/2x11. 


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224pp ...$13.50
ENG-L142 Add to Your Faith -
Bill Perry
An excellent Bible Study especially for an international who has just come to faith in Christ. Using the components of Christian character from 2 Peter 1:5-7, it begins a study of the New Testament epistles that helps one discover principles of spiritual growth that can then be applied in one's own cultural situation. Because of the changeability of an international student's situation, this study has been set up for use as a group study, a one-on-one situation or if need be, a self-study.


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138pp ...$ 9.50
ENG-L168 Crossing Over With Parables
Bill Perry
Some internationals go through an introductory Bible Study, such as Storyteller's, but are still not ready to make a commitment to Christ. Many times this is because there are basic issues, especially for non-westerners, that they may be struggling with. These issues usually center around family, culture, lifestyle and truth issues which have to be dealt with before they commit themselves to the Lord. Bill Perry has recognized that many of the parables or metaphors that Christ used actually deal with these very issues. By studying these parables, it is hoped that internationals will cross over from those areas which are holding them back, to faith in Christ.


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pp ...$ 10.50
ENG-L189 A Look Inside America
Bill Perry
An excellent way to share the history, customs and celebrations of 17 American holidays with international friends.  Includes a very informative section on the historical development of American cultural values, all written in an easier English that could be used as an ESL resource book.  Holidays: Labor Day, Columbus, Halloween, Veterans, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Martin Luther King, Presidents', Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter, April Fool's, Memorial, Mother's/Father's, Independence, American birthdays.


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108pp ...$ 4.25

5 for $18
10 for $30
ENG-L992 A Greek Word for the Day
D. J. Watson
Get acquainted with a new Greek word each day of the year.  You will learn the richness of the language, see various ways it is used in the NT and then how the word is practical for everyday living.  Related words are listed for reinforcement, and these brief devotionals will enrich the mind, stir the soul and empower one's life.


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410pp ...$16.99

ENG-L771 Christianity, Cults & Religions
(fold-out chart)
This comparison chart will help you know what you believe and why.   It compares the beliefs of 21 world religions, sects, cults and new religious groups side by side from a Christian point of view.  Laminated.


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86pp ...$3.99

ENG-L253 Discussion Topics for Internationals
Julie Arant
This book provides discussion questions on 48 topics.  They range from light-hearted and gradually go deeper for meaningful sharing. It provides guidelines for use of the discussion-question format.
culture - dating - effective communication - family - food - greatness - happiness -humor - music - success - time & eternity - vacation etc


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86pp ...$10.75

ENG-L115 How to Study the Bible with your International Friend
R. Max Kershaw
A basic guidebook providing valuable information on how to start a Bible study with an international, with practical suggestions of things to do or to avoid.
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25pp ...$4.50

ENG-L976 In Love But Worlds Apart
G. Shelling and J. Fraser-Smith
A self-help workbook for two people from different cultural backgrounds who are looking toward being married.  The book gives insights and questions that help partners discuss the various differences that will come up in their relationship.

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139pp ...$12.95

ENG-L947 Introduction to the
Russian Soul

Ralph & Jennifer Ennis with
Paula Rinehart
Understanding the Russian people comes from appreciating what they have experienced in the past, and exploring the reasoning processes that are a part of them.  This book explores both.

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31pp ...$5.95

ENG-L973 Pocket Guide to World Religions
Winfried Corduan
In short, incisive chapters, the author introduces readers to 12 of the world's major religions, giving their history, scriptures, major beliefs, practices, etc.
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144pp ...$7.95

ENG-L129 Think Home
A Reentry Guide for
Christian International Students
Lisa Espineli Chinn
This is a workbook that helps Christian international students think through the challenges they will face upon returning home.  It includes thought-provoking questions, exercises, Bible studies, comments from past returnees and a list of additional resources.
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40pp ...$4.50

ENG-L174 They're Not Christians??
Bill Perry
The cults can be an added source of confusion for internationals who have a desire to know more about Christianity. This book helps to distinguish between false teachings and historical Christianity.  It looks at 8 major western cults and compares them with historical Christianity. Instead of just a source of information about these cults, the author gives the reader a method on how to evaluate any religious organization to see if it is truly Christian.  It uses an easy-to-follow format, offers clarity through arithmetic symbols and limits its scope to comparisons of four basic areas:  Adding to sources of inspied authority - Subtracting from Person & Work of Jesus Christ -
Multiplying requirements for salvation - Division of relationships with Family & Friends


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48pp ...$3.95

ENG-L944 Why Are Americans Like That?
Stan Nussbaum
Built around 100 American sayings, such as: "Just do it - Time is Money - Shop til You Drop," etc.  This book will give the international visitor a look into American cultural values."
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pp ...$8.95