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How to
ENG-L503 Christian Approach to Hinduism
Sam Gamadia
A good general overview of the essentials of Hinduism, its attitude toward Christians and other religions and practical points for sharing the gospel with Hindus.


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208pp ...$1.50
ENG-L514 Hinduism
A well-written introduction into Hinduism explaining its many facets: its gods, its historical development with its many branches and scriptural development, social life and pointers for personal evangelism with Hindus.
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ENG-L502 Pandita Ramabai Story
Pandita Ramabai
The biography of one of India's greatest woman reformers. Raised as a strict Hindu, she found Christ and became a leader in raising the status of women in India.
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60pp ...$5.95
ENG-L528 Reaching Hindu International Students
A booklet providing information on how to relate to students from India of a Hindu background.
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ENG-L525 Sadhu Sandar Singh
Phyllis Thompson
Half an hour before his attempt to take his own life, Sadhu Sandar Singh had a dramatic vision of Jesus Christ.  His search for inner peace was over.   Read about his remarkable ministry living within an Indian context and his spirit of simplicity, holiness and sacrifice.


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199pp ...$11.95
ENG-L524 Sharing Your Faith With a Hindu
Madasamy Thirumalain
A former Hindu explains historical and contemporary Hindu customs, ritual pracices, intellectual obstacles to christianity and then offers practical tools and tips on how to lead Hindus to the Lord.  A profound, but down-to-earth book.


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159pp ...$14.95