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Reference Books on Islam
Reference & Evangelistic Books on Islam


Reference Books on Islam

ENG-L656 A Muslim & a Christian in Dialogue
Badru Kateregga & David Shenk
Updated Version 2011

A Muslim and a Christian each present twelve main points of their faith, with each one then responding to each other's presentation point by point.

The Muslim Witness
1.There is No God but Allah
2.The Creation
3. Adam and Hauwa
4. Satan & Evil
5.The Books of God
6. Prophet of Allah
7. Seals of the Prophet
8. The Umma
9. Divine Guidance & Peace
10. Worship
11.  Right Conduct
12.  Mission of Umma
        each chapter has a Christian response

The Christian Witness
13. The Lord God is One
14. The Creation
15. Adam and Eve
16. Sin and Evil
17. The Word of God
18. The Prophets in History
19. Jesus the Messiah
20. Salvation
21. The Church
22. Worship and Fellowship
23. Right Conduct
24. The Mission of the Church

     each chapter has a Muslim Response


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233pp ...$14.95
ENG-L783 Ambassadors to Muslims
Fouad Masri
This book acquaints the reader with the differences between Islam and Christianity.  It highlights the similarities between Muslim and biblical worldviews.   The author expands on ways that Christians can sensitivity and effectively represent Christ to Muslims.
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pp ...$14.95
ENG-L925 Costly Call, The
Emir Caner, Edward Pruitt
An excellent account of nineteen true stories of modern-day Muslims, coming from a variety of countries, different walks of life and various ages, who have found Jesus.
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158pp ...$10.95
ENG-L980 Engaging Islam
Georges Houssney
The author, who was born & raised in Lebanon and who has more than 40 years' experience in evangelism among Muslims, alerts Christians to the challenges and opportunities of reaching Muslims worldwide, encouraging us to see Muslims as people.   Stories of conversations are spread throughtout the book along with lessons from the lives of those who have experienced the transforming power of Christ.  Workers are not just informed about Islam but are given practical tips on how to exercise Christ's love for them.


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ENG-L931 How Islam Plans to
Change the World
William Wagner
A book that speaks forthrightly to the issues that precipitated the World Trade Center attacks.  It exposes Islamic missionary strategies, jihad initiatives & the global expansion realiites that are a part of Islam.


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262pp ...$14.95
ENG-L659 Muslims--How to Respond
Ernest Hahn
A good book that gives a basic understanding of Islam and how to have an effective witness to Muslims. One chapter deals with the Muslim presence in the United States.
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ENG-L936 Questions Muslims Ask
What Christians Actually Do [and Don't] Believe
Robert Scott
The author is one who has worked with Muslims many years.  In the book he explores the common questions & objections that his Muslim friends have discussed with him.   His answers are penetrating, faithful, practical and Biblical.  Has discussion questions for both Christians & Muslims which helps lay a foundation for understanding & conversation.


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164pp ...$14.95
ENG-L271 Reaching Muslim International Students
A booklet providing information on how to relate to students from Islamic countries..


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...$ 4.50
ENG-L221 Teatime in Mogadishu
by Ahmed Ali Haile as told to David Shenk
The story of a Somali muslim who came to Christ as a teenager.  Ahmed's desire is that his story be read by Muslims and Christians.  His life shows a deep appreciation for his Muslim background and family which he says prepared him to believe in Christ.   His life has been spent in Somali sharing the peace he found in Christ and trying to bring reconciliation amongst disagreeing clans.


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ENG-L784 Seeking Allah. . .Finding Jesus
Nabeel Qureshi
Providing an intimate window into a loving Muslim home, Qureshi shares how he developed a passion for Islam before discovering, almost against his will, evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and claimed to be God.  Unable to deny the arguments, but not willing to deny his family, his inner turmoil will challenge Christians and Muslims alike.  The powerful story of the clash between Islam and christianity in one man's heart -- and of the peace he eventually found in Jesus.


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304pp ...$14.95

ENG-L941 Ten Thousand Muslims
Meet Christ

Edited by Abe Ghaffari
Since the 1978-1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iranian Muslims have become more open to the Gospel.  The twelve testimonies in this book represent the spiritual journey of thousands of Iranians who are coming to Christ today.


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79pp ...$4.95

ENG-L633 Torn Veil, The
Thelma Sangster
Story of a young Pakistani girl who was born crippled and first came to know of Christ through the Koran. She prayed to Him for healing and received it. Later she found all the truth in the Bible. An excellent book.  JUST REPRINTED,  this edition   includes an extra chapter with some updates on her life.
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155pp ...$11.50

ENG-L916 Unveiling Islam
Insider's Look at Muslim Life & Beliefs
Emir & Ergun Caner
What makes this book different?  It is written by two brothers who have lived the Muslim life & are now Christian theologians.  They present the entire scope of Islam, its differences with Christianity and a way to open productive dialog with Muslims.


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155pp ...$15.99

ENG-L908 Waging Peace on Islam
Christine Mallouhi
The author, who has married into a Muslim family and lived most of her life in the Middle East, challenges us to see Muslims as people. She shows why the Muslims view us as they do and makes a plea that they need to see Jesus in us.
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348pp ...$3.50

ENG-L785 Your Muslim Friend
Ed & Joy Loewen
This book is written for Christians living in western nations who are meeting Muslims and wondering how to go about sharing Jesus with them.  The Muslims they describe here are composites of several of their friends.



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...$ 3.95

ENG-L977 Women to Women
Sharing Jesus With a Muslim Friend
Joy Loewen
Caught between fear and indifference, the author did her best to avoid Muslim women.  Then she discovered that many of these women are attracted to the love of Jesus.  Sharing from powerful stories in her own experience, she shows how she moved from fear and how one can develop authentic connections with these often overlooked women.
The author has lived in Yemen, Somali, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, U.S. and Canada and has spent 30 yrs in Muslim ministry.



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204pp ...$14.99

Reference & Evangelistic Books on Islam
These books are culturally-sensitive and appropriate for giving to a Muslim friend


ENG-L902 Abu Sharif
The Mystery of the Hundredth Name
J.K. Mellis
Written in Middle Eastern story format, it tells the story of a man who discovers the 100th name for God.  Muslim readers will readily identify with the cultural setting as the story brings in the Biblical truth of Christ and God as Father. Excellent pre-evangelistic book.


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ENG-L904 All That the Prophets Have Spoken
J.R. Cross
A Muslim-sensitive edition of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. It explains the stories and the message of the prophets to Muslims--clearly, chronologically and compellingly - as it gently helps them over their most common stumbling blocks. Highly recommended.
Also available in the following languages:
ARABIC.........ARA-L0049..... $12.95
FRENCH.........FRE-L57.......... $12.95
TURKISH...... TUR-L33..........$12.95   


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ENG-L613 Beliefs and Practices of Christians
Dr. William Miller
This excellent booklet, introducing basic Christian beliefs & the teaching of Scripture, was written especially for those with a Muslim backgound by one who ministered many years in an Islamic country.
Also available in the following languages:

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ENG-L601 Cross in the Gospel
and the Koran
Considers various statements in the Koran about Christ's death.  Then clearly presents Christ's death in the Gospel, including proofs for the Crucifixion and Resurrection.
Also available in the following languages:


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ENG-L602 Did God Appear in the Flesh?
Iskander Jadeed
Deals with the why of the incarnation:  Does it mean a part of God came to earth?  Could God not save man another way?  Shows how the life of Christ was unlike that of other men.:
Arabic .........ARA-L03........$2.25

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40pp ...$2.25

ENG-L618 Dr. Sa'eed of Iran
Jay Rasooli and Cady Allen
One of the best ways to feel Islam is to read the thrilling, true story of a Kurdish doctor, who, after finding Christ, was exiled from his family and native town.   Learn of his struggles and triumphs as a Christian in a country steeped in the Islamic religion.

ENGL618.jpg (1564 bytes)


189pp ...$11.95

ENG-L946 God Almighty!  His Word for Christians, Jews & Moslems
Lester Fleenor
This book is designed to introduce people to the true nature of God and His Son Jesus.  Many issues between Islamic and Christian theology are skillfully handled.  The use of both the Koran and Scripture helps the Muslims to see the truth of God's Word.  Questions for discussion are at the end of each chapter.

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ENG-L603 God is One in the Holy Trinity
Zakariah Butrus
Uses passages from the Koran to explain the Godhead and deals with the false concept Muslims have about the Trinity.
Also available in the following language:
Arabic .........ARA-L04........$3.50

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56pp ...$3.95

ENG-L604 Gospel of Barnabas--A False Testimony
Iskander Jadeed
Shows how the Gospel of Barnabas (the unchanged Gospel) contradicts the NT and the Koran.
Arabic .........ARA-L05........$1.50

ENGL604.jpg (18873 bytes)


23pp ...$1.50

ENG-L648 Holy Book of God
Dr. David Shenk
Muslims claim that Christians have changed the Bible. In this book, David Shenk explains, as if speaking to a Muslim, what the Scriptures are and how we can know historically and scientifically that they are the same as originally written.

ENGL648.jpg (19971 bytes) 66pp ...$2.25

ENG-L605 How Do We Pray?
Iskander Jadeed
Introduces the concept of prayer, showing it as a personal talking with and worship of God in contrast to a performance of ritual.
Also available in the following languages:

ENGL605.jpg (19748 bytes)


32pp ...$2.25

ENG-L611 I Dared to Call Him Father
Bilquis Sheikh
A powerful testimony of a high-born Muslim woman from Pakistan who finds faith in Christ. Gives insight into the spiritual and social forces any Muslim coming to Christ faces.

ENGL611.jpg (1150 bytes)



ENG-L606 Infallibility of the Torah and the Gospel
Iskander Jadeed
Using history, archaeology and the Koran, it shows the authenticity of the Scriptures
Also available in the following languages:
Arabic.........ARA-L07. .......$3.50
Turkish ...... TUR-L29.........$8.95

ENGL606.jpg (19235 bytes)


64pp ...$3.50

ENG-L841 Life and Teaching of Jesus the Messiah
Dennis Clark
A very well-written account of the life of Christ especially for Muslims.

Paperback edition:



ENGL821.jpg (2738 bytes)


64pp ...$2.00

ENG-L607 Person of Christ in the Gospel and the Koran
Abd Al-Fade
Examines Christ, His miracles, Sonship and deity from a Koranic viewpoint and then His deity and the Trinity from the Bible.
Also available in the following languages:

ENGL607.jpg (24171 bytes)


95pp ...$3.50

ENG-L608 Sin and Atonement in Islam and Christianity
Abd Al-Fadi
Presents the various words and concepts that define sin and atonement in Islam and then presents the Christian teaching.
Also available in the following language:

ENGL608.jpg (21325 bytes)


57pp ...$3.50

ENG-L633 The Torn Veil
Thelma Sangster
Powerful story of a young Pakistani girl who was born crippled and first came to know of Christ through the Koran.  She prayed to Him for healing and received it.  Later she found all the truth in the Bible.
Also available in the following language:

ENGL633.jpg (2976 bytes)


200pp ...$11.99


ENG-L956 Was Christ Really Crucified?
Faris al-Qayrawani
Muslims deny the death of Christ.  This book uses historical and logical evidence for the crucifixion, dealing especially with Muslim objections.
Also available in the following language:

ENGL956.jpg (1567 bytes)


95pp ...$6.50