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ENG-L432 Ancient Scriptures for the
Modern Jew
D. Baron
The book's goal is to show from the Holy Writings that Jesus is the Messiah.   Fascinating study of selected Messianic prophesies from the Old Testament.
Also available in Hebrew:


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ENG-L703 Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Messianic Yeshiva
Phillip E. Goble
A resource that goes beyond normal church plantng among Jewish people to methods for producing teachers and students who will continue to be culturally Hebrew Americans.


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297pp ...$3.00
ENG-L725 Israel's New Disciples
Julia Fisher
Through true stories of fourteen Messianic Jews, we see why so many Jewish people are becoming believers in Jesus.  Shows they are becoming a lite for the Gentiles, including the Arab nations around them.


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266pp ...$12.99
ENG-L721 Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures
The Identity of the Messiah
Meno Kalisher
This well illustrated book with excellent layout makes it easy to jouney through the Old Testament and to see how Jesus is the Messiah of Israel.


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171pp ...$9.95
ENG-L724 Meet Me At the Olive Tree
Julia Fisher
Fifteen remarkable stories of Jewish believers and Arab/Palestinian Christians.   Shows how the body of  Christ is growing in size and unity in the Holy Land.   Although reconcilation has its dangers, it is possible through the cross to break   down childhood indoctrinations and social pressure.
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190pp ...$14.99
ENG-L722 The Ox...The Ass...The Oyster
A series of articles that challenges one to compare the mundane things of the world to the world of truth, love, justice and faithfulness.
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90pp ...$2.95
ENG-L708 The Ox...The Ass...The Oyster
Historians find themselves at a loss to explain the continued existence of the Jew. This tract shows how the Jew is to be a witness for God and ultimately be the carrier of world redemption through the Messiah.

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...$ .25
ENG-L713 What Every Jewish Person Should Ask
David M. Levy
Reasoning from the Jewish Scriptures and sharing his own experience, the author answers the basic questions such as:  Can I know God?  What can good works do for me?  Is there really a Messiah?  He helps the reader explore such questions and find answers.


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