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ARA-L0102 A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue
Badru D. Kateregga and David W. Shenk
A Muslim and a Christian, both leaders in their faiths, enter into a respectful and authentic dialogue.  Each presents twelve main points of their faith, with each one then responding to each other's presentation point by point. 
English Edition available
ENG-L656 ........$14.95


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ARA-L0106 Adha in the Injeel
Fouad Masri
BILINGUAL (Arabic/English)
Using the illustration of the Muslim feast of sacrifice (Adha), this booklet shows how salvation comes through the sacrifice of Christ.
42pp (out of stock)


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ARA-L147 Answers of God to Questions of Man
William McDonald (Out of stock)
Using a question and answer format, author, theologian and Bible school president, answers man's questions about sin in his life, need for salvation, the work of Christ, etc by direct teaching from the Word of God.


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ARA-L049 All That the Prophets Have Spoken
John Cross
Written with sensitivity for those with a Muslim background, this book is for the person who would like to know what the Bible is all about. Starting with Genesis, it explains clearly the main themes of the Bible:  who God is, why man is separated from God and how the OT points to the Saviour who is Jesus as presented in the NT.
Available in English


ARAL049.gif (2201 bytes) ...$12.95
ARA-L02 Cross in the Gospel & the Koran
Iskander Jadeed
Considers various statements in the Koran about Christ's death, then clearly presents Christ's death in the Gospel, including proofs for the crucifixion and resurrection.
Available in English

ARAL02.jpg (2633 bytes) ...$2.95
ARA-L03 Did God Appear in the Flesh?
Iskander Jadeed
Considers various statements in the Koran about Christ's death. Then clearly presents Christ's death in the Gospel, including proofs for the Crucifixion and Resurrection.
Available in English

ARAL03.jpg (1319 bytes) ...$2.25


God is One in the Holy Trinity
Zakariah Butrus
Helps Muslims understand the Trinity. It uses passages from the Koran to further explain the Godhead and deals with the false concept Muslims have about the Trinity.
Available in English

ARAL04.jpg (1654 bytes) ...$4.95
ARA-L05 Gospel of Barnabas -
A False Testimony

Iskander Jadeed
Muslims argue that the Gospel has been changed. Some say the unchanged Gospel is the Gospel of Barnabas. This shows how the Gospel of Barnabas contradicts the NT & and Koran.
Available in English

ARAL05.jpg (2536 bytes) ...$1.50
ARA-L0094 How To Become a New Person
Dr. Billy Graham
This book is a clear presentationof the Christian gospel by the world-famous evangelist.

ARAL0094.jpg (2675 bytes) ...$5.95
ARA-L0036 I Dared to Call Him Father
Bilquis Sheikh
A powerful testimony of a high-born Muslim woman from Pakistan who finds faith in Christ.  Gives insight into the spiritual and social forces faced by Muslims who come to Christ.

Available in English


Aral0036.jpg (2306 bytes) ...$10.95
ARA-L53 I Trust the Bible
Josh McDowell
Taken from chapters 1-4 of EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT, this book shows the uniqueness of the Bible, when it was wirtten and its historical reliability.

ARAL53.gif (2075 bytes) ...$6.50
ARA-L0029 I Was Blind, Now I See
BILINGUAL Arabic/English
Six believers from Muslim backgrounds share their journey to faith in Christ that will inspsire seeking hearts.  Each story is very different, reflecdting the unique and individuals ways God uses to draw Muslims to Himself.

ARAL0029.jpg (1556 bytes) ...$5.25
FRE-L111 I Was Blind, Now I See
BILINGUAL - Arabic/French
Six believers from Muslim backgrounds share their journey to faith in Christ that will inspsire seeking hearts.  Each story is very different, reflecdting the unique and individuals ways God uses to draw Muslims to Himself.

FREL111.gif (2933 bytes) ...$3.95
ARA-L0105 In Search For Truth (out of stock)
Dr. Abrahim Dashmoukh
The story of a converted Muslim physician who experienced a new life in Christ after a genuine study of both the Qu'ran and the Bible.  He testifies he received divine heling from cancer.

ARAL0105.jpg (3627 bytes) ...$2.50
ARA-LB41 Inheritance of Originality?
Samuel Shadid
This book tackles such questions:

Why are you a Christian?  What things have you found in Christianity that other religions lack?  Is Christianity genuine in your life?

ARALB41.jpg (4593 bytes) ...$1.75
ARA-L07 Infallibility of the Torah & the Gospel
Iskander Jadeed
Using history, archaeology and the Koran, it shows the authenticity of the Scriptures. Asks Muslims to show historically when the Scriptures were corrupted.
Available in English

ARAL07.jpg (2130 bytes) ...$3.50
ARA-LB29 Is God One or Three?
Joseph Costa
Explores the subject of unity between God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  An outstanding theologian deals with this topic in an objective and eloquent style, combined with a logical and strong, unshakeable faith.

ARALB29.jpg (927 bytes) ...$1.95
ARA-LB481 Lessons in Christian Discipleship
Billy Hanks
A well-planned workbook for the new believer, increasing his comprehension of the gospel and developing his new relationship with Christ through teaching on prayer and the devotional life.

ARALB48.jpg (18359 bytes) ...$3.50
ARA-LB52 Mark of a Christian
Francis Schaeffer
Dr. Schaeffer shows that love for one another is the distinquishing feature that shows Christianity to be true.

ARALB52.jpg (1812 bytes) ...$1.75
ARA-L0014 More Than a Carpenter
Josh McDowell
This concise, understandable bestseller explains how Jesus' life, along with the testimony of history, unmistakably affirm His claim to be God.
Contains Arabic and English together in one book.

ARAL0014.jpg (2368 bytes) ...$6.25


Person of Christ in the Gospel
& The Koran
Abd Al-Fadi
Examines Christ, His miracles, Sonship & Deity from a Koranic viewpoint and then His Deity & the Trinity from the Bible.
Available in English

ARAL09.jpg (2288 bytes) ..$3.50


Pursuit of Holiness
Jerry Bridges
God has made provision for us to pursue holiness in our lives.  This book challenges us to understand our responsibility in working together with God to achieve this goal.

ARALB65.jpg (1424 bytes) ...$3.25


Sin & Atonement in Islam & Christianity
Iskander Jadeed
Presents the various words and concepts that define sin and atonement in Islam and then presents the Christian teaching on these subjects.
Available in English

ARAL10.jpg (1645 bytes) ...$3.50


Secrets of Prayer
C. Thompson
Discusses the approach to prayer, how to intercede, hindrances to prayer and concludes with practical hints for praying.

ARALB73.jpg (1125 bytes) ...$1.00


Seven Things Children Need
To Know

John Dresher
Presents in a practical way how parents can meet seven of the basic
needs children have:  significance, secuirty, acceptance, love, praise, discipline & God.


ARALB74.jpg (1036 bytes) ...$2.75


Spending Time With God
Mark Gilroy
Maintaining a daily personal time with God requires special effort. But it is also very possible—with the right attitudes and the right tools. This book takes you through six simple steps that will help you discover a meaningful and fulfilling devotional life. You will be introduced to an approach to devotions that is easy to learn and that works!

ARAL064.jpg (1526 bytes) ...$ 5.00


The Christian Faith - Is It Reasonable?  
Nashed Hanna
Muslims generally have certain questions concerning the Christian faith about God, the Person of Christ and the authenticity of the Bible.  This book concisely presents the basics of the Christian faith in a way that answers these questions. An effective tool for outreach.

ARAL145.jpg (1805 bytes) ...$1.50


These Things We Believe 
J. Clyde Turner
States briefly what most Baptists and evangelicals believe about the Bible, the nature of God and man, sin, the Person of Jesus, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the church and the age to come.


ARALB85.jpg (2201 bytes) ...$3.50


The Witness   
Josh McDowell and
Written to get the attention of someone not interested in the Bible, but has enough adventure and intrique to hold the reader's attention all the way through.   A novel about a young man who witnesses an assassination and then flees to various Middle Eastern countries to escape the assassins who want to kill him.  In his flight he meets a pastor who slowly shows him the validity of the Bible and who Jesus is.

ARAL0078.gif (2933 bytes) ...$ 8.50


Torn Veil
Thelma Sangster
Powerful story of a young Pakistani girl who was born crippled and first came to know of Christ through the Koran.  She prayed to Him for healing and received it.  Later she found all the truth in the Bible.  Excellent.
Available in English

ARAL0041.jpg (2097 bytes) ...$7.95


Was Jesus Really Crucified?
Faris al-Qayrawani
Muslims deny the death of Christ.  This book uses historical and logical evidence for the crucifixion dealing especially with Muslim objections.

Available in English

ARAL0093.jpg (1692 bytes) ...$4.95


Qur'anic Analysis



The Qur'an Dilemna - Vol. 1  (in Arabic)
Former Muslims
This extensively researched commentary examines Islam's holiest book, challenging serious readers to ponder its true origins and purposes as they increase their knowledge of Islam and its teachings.

ARAL143.jpg (2823 bytes) ...$29.95








Twelve Angels From Hell
David Wilkerson
The author of Cross & the Switchblade recounts the stories of other young people, caught in the hell of drug addiction, being freed by Christ.

ARALB87.jpg (1106 bytes) ...$2.75



Two Shades of Red
James Jennings
The story of a master forger who found Christ while in prison and began a new way of life.

ARALB89.jpg (905 bytes) ...$2.25

Scripture Posters

These 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 Scripture Posters are written in beautiful Arabic calligraphy
The Lord's Prayer Matthew 11:28 The Beautitudes Christ is the Only Hope for this World
ARAL0051.jpg (3157 bytes) ARAL0066.jpg (3329 bytes) ARAL0084.jpg (2954 bytes) ARAL0086s.jpg (3965 bytes)
ARA-L0051..$1.25 ARA-L0066...$1.25 ARA-L0084..$1.25 ARA-L0086..$1.25
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Bible Study Helps

ARA-LB12 Bible Atlas - H.H. Rowley
Includes sixteen pages of colored maps, including maps showing the rise of Christianity throughout the world.  Helpful introduction, glossary of places, names and index.


ARALB12.jpg (999 bytes) ...$4.50
ARA-S115 MacArthur Study Bible
The text is the Arabic Van Dyck Translation and has commentary notes on the bottom of each page by John MacArthur.  Bonded Leather.





Search the Scriptures
A three-year daily study program covering the whole Bible systematically.  It is designed for Christians who will give twenty minutes a day to study and who like to think for themselves.
Vol I  - 223 pp

Vol III -370 pp

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ARA-L0052 25 Stories from the Bible
Ura Miller
A basic introduction to what the Bible is:  its unique message, the centrality of Christ, and how to read it.  Good starting place for anyone coming new to the Bible.
Available in English ENG-L922...$3.95


ARAL0052.jpg (1382 bytes) ...$4.25
DDDV040 The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of  Children  DVD NTSC
The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  You can follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.
A special bonus is that 24 languages are included on this single DVD.


DDDV040.jpg (5219 bytes) ...$5.00
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AARA-L9T Who Is Jesus? ...$.12
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenting the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided tolded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.
Also available in English  AENG-L9T
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