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God's Story DVD

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CSS-L60 25 Basic Bible Studies
Dr Francis Schaeffer
25 basic Bible studies to systematically discover what the Bible says about God & creation, His dealings with man, salvation & things of the future.

Available in English ..ENG-L966...$13.25
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CSS-L95 Bible Handbook
A basic self-study introductory course in what the Bible is, its main message, how it was written, how to use it.  Each lesson contains fill-in-the-blank questions.   Includes a glossary of words and some illustrations. (out of stock)
Also available in English 
ENG-L938    $3.50

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CSS-L119 Bridge to Life
A small bilingual booklet giving a step-by-step presentation of the Gospel..
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...$ .55
CSS-L84 Case for Christ
Lee Strobel
The author, an atheist turned Christian, asks the questions tough-minded skeptics would ask and provides convincing answers to all of them.
CSSL84.jpg (1867 bytes) ...$15.50


CSS-L137 Christianity and Chinese and Western Culture
An analysis of the influence of Christianity on Western and Chinese culture, illustrating its contribution towards the respective processes of modernization.
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CSS-L85 Daily Walk With the Lord
A suggested daily reading with a devotional thought for that day that will take you through the Bible in one year.
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CSS-L30 Deception or Reality
Chapter 10 of Josh McDowell's book EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT.
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CSS-L115 Discovering God in Chinese Characters
A bilingual evangelistic booklet that incorporates the use of Chinese characters in a step-by-step presentation of the Gospel.
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...$ .95
CSS-L147 Discovering God: Devotional Journey Through the Bible
Philip Yancey

A collection of 180 transforming stories - at least one from each book of the Bible. Through these stories the author reveals God's plan for our world and our personal lives.


Discovering God: Devotional Journey Through the Bible



CSS-L83 Faith of Our Fathers
God in Ancient China
Chan Kei Thong
A profound examination of China's cultural origins and history.  Gives evidence that for thousands of years the Chinese worshiped and offered sacrifice to a Supreme Being with characteristics similar to the God of the Bible. Demonstrates that Chinese classical literature is consistent with Christian revelation.

Available in English


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CSS-L105 Family Tied Together By God
Christian views of marriage, love, bringing up children, communication, family worship, money management, and other related topics.
CSSL105.jpg (1276 bytes) ...$1.25
CSS-L62 Five Great Mysteries
A basic 5-step plan of salvation presentation, covering:  God - sinful man - Jesus Christ - salvation - abundant life.

Available in English ENG-L4262...$.40
CSSL62.jpg (13782 bytes) ...$ .25
CSS-L47 For the Love of China
Ellen Caughey
Very inspiring account of role model, Eric Liddell who was a huge celebrity in Scotland as an Olympic gold medal winner, and then left all to sacrificially serve the Chinese people.  The motion picture Chariots of Fire is his story.
Available in English ENG-L435..$3.95
CSSL47.jpg (1508 bytes) ...$3.85
CSS-L44 Growing in Christ
Highly recommended for new believers, or those open to the Gospel. Gives the basics of the Gospel, assurance of salvation how to grow as a Christian, doctrinal foundations, Christian conduct, and more.

Available in English ENG-L892...$9.95
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CSS-L101 Is Jesus God?
John Maisel
A well, thoughtout presentation of Christ's claims and His resurrection, what others have said, and how the Bible is a reliable source.
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CSS-L09 Is the Bible Inspired by God?
Uses archaeology, fulfilled prophecy and various other proofs to show that God must have been behind the writing of the Bible.
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CSS-L136 Jesus the Radical
Eight provoking studies about the significance of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John for Bible study or group discussion.
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CSS-L79 Journey of Faith
Deals with questions people have before making a commitment to Christ.
What is faith?  Why have faith?
Is there contradiction beteen science and faith?  Is Scripture reliable?   What are the beliefs of the Christian faith?  How does one experience faith?
cssl79.jpg (1641 bytes) ...$1.50
CSS-L68 Journey of The Heart
Six Chinese intellectuals abroad share their search for truth an their journey to faith in Christ.
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CSS-L97 Jumping Over a Cliff
Eight Chinese scholars tell how they came to know Christ.
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CSS-L117 Keys to Successful Parenting
The author shares her own experiences in helping children to develop their talents and gifts that God has given them.  Emphasizes that the Bible is the best textbook for raising intelligent and moral children.
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CSS-L93 Know The Truth
Zhang Wu Lan
Excellent apologetic and evangelistic discussion logically presenting the facts for the existence of God including a detailed discussion on evolution, a look at the life , death and resurrection of Christ, showing Him to be the Son of God, and then uses archeaology, fulfilled prophecy and other proofs to show the Bible to be the Word of God.



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CSS-L126 Life Without Limits
inspiration for a ridiculously good life
Nick Vujicic
Nick was born without arms or legs.  He tells the story of his disabilities and the emotional battles he had from a child to a young adult.  He shares how his faith in God has helped him find purpose in life and he inspires others to better their lives no matter what the circumstances.

[see his second book UNSTOPPABLE below]


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CSS-L33 Looks of Life
Addresses Guohua's struggles as a new believer, particularly those of reconciling his cultual background with his new belief.  "We are Chinese as well as people in God's kingdom.  These two identifies are like streams and rivers - they merge and do not oppose each other."


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...$ .90
CSS-L38 Mere Christianity
Uses a philosophical viewpoint to defend Christianity by looking at such issues as the existence of moral law, behavior, personality and Christian beliefs.


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CSS-L139 Modern Western Philosophy and Christianity
A brief outline and  Christian critique of existentialism, communism and other philosophical systems that are of interest to Chinese intellectuals.


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CSS-L39 New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
Josh McDowell
Pressents the latest discoveries on how the Bible is historically reliable, the evidence for Christ's claim to be God and answers to the many questions raised by today's culture.


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CSS-L96 Oracle Bones Speak
Nelson and Broadberrys
What was the ancient Chinese idea of God?  Why did the emporer offer an annual sacrifice in the temple of heaven? 

Filled with many colorful illustrations, the authors systematically show that the oldest forms of the Chinese characters found on tortoise shells & bones show a fascinating link between the pictographs they represent and the accounts in the beginning of Genesis.


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CSS-L107 Our Daily Bread
50th anniversary edition - 2 books
Well-liked devotional which has provided spiritual nourishment and food-for-thought for half a century.


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CSS-L69 Purpose-Driven Life
Rick Warren
A 40-day spiritual journey that will change your life as you discover God's purpose for creating you, giving meaning to your life and preparing you for eternity.
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CSS-L142 Quest of Life
This booklet shows that there are limits to the pursuit of perfection and happiness by modern man, and how finite man may find the infinite God.
Quest for Life


CSS-L90 Reliability & Authority of the Bible
Looks at the historical evidence that shows the reliability of the Bible.
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CSS-L99 Salt & Light
Carol Lee Hammin & Stacey Beiler
Presents the life stories of 10 outstanding Chinese Christians who promoted China's nation building and moral progress in such areas as education, medicine, journalism, and diplomacy.  Motivated by their faith, they introduced practical social reforms to build up China's civil society.


cssl99.gif (2627 bytes) ...$5.80
CSS-L42 Science & Faith
Wei Yan
A Mainland Chinese author convincingly presents evidence from science and other areas that Christianity is true. Highly recommended for intellectuals.
CSSL42.jpg (1336 bytes) ...$3.50


CSS-L144 Science & the Christian Faith
A Christian nuclear engineer explains the aim, art, faith and limits of science.
Science & the Christian Faith ...$2.25


CSS-L140 Socialist Quest for the
New Man        
Joseph Tan
BILINGUAL (out of stock)
A Romanian pastor compares socialism and Christianity and shows how only Christianity can make a new man to help society.
CSSL140.jpg (2765 bytes) ...$1.50


CSS-L40 Song of a Wanderer
Li Cheng
A book of Christian apologetics written by one who understands deeply how most Mainland Chinese scholars think.  Written to help answer questions of scholars who are searching for truth & faith in Christianity.   Covers:  God, the Bible, Science, Resurrection.   Excellent!

ENG-L419    $12.95


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CSS-L56 Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
John Cross
For the person who would really like to know what the Bible is all about. The major events & teachings of the Bible are woven into a dramatic & chronological narrative so the reader can understand the history of God’s relationship to mankind from the beginning to eternity.
Available in English ..ENG-L187....$12.95
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CSS-L15 Streams in the Desert
Mrs. Charles Cowman
Popular and well-liked daily devotional basesd on a Scripture verse each day.
CSSL15.jpg (1590 bytes) ...$ 3.95
CSS-L106 Studies on Biblical Truth
A brief survey of the themese and messages of most of the OT and NT books.
CSSL106.jpg (1563 bytes) ...$ 3.45
CSS-L76 Tackling the Bible's Tough Questions
Brief and precise answers to questions related to the subject of revelation, the trinity, sovereignty, redemption, etc.
CSSL76.jpg (1219 bytes) ...$ 2.20
CSS-L112 Ten Principles of a Happy Marriage
The author describes 10 aspects to married life such as marriage from God's perspective, effective communication, roles in marriage, sexual intimacy, mutual respect, time together in the Word and prayer, etc.


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...$ 1.95
CSS-L26 Turning Point
Excellent testimonies of nine Chinese scholars who accepted Christ during their visits abroad.
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...$ 1.60
CSS-L36 Ultimate Questions 
John Blanchard 
A well-written, full-colored booklet giving Biblical answers to questions on man's existence and his relationship to God.
Available in English ENG-L811...$2.95
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CSS-L127 Unseen World
Seng Song
This book presents a very clear understanding of what the Bible says about heaven, who are the angels, and how one gets to heaven.
CSSL127.jpg (3475 bytes)


...$ 3.50


CSS-L50 What is Christianity?
Explains the Christian faith and clarifies some misconceptions held by Chinese people..
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...$ 1.25
CSS-L71 What New Believers
Need to Know
(out of stock)
Various authors
This book presents an excellent overview of starting the Christian life, covering assurance of salvation, living for God, prayer, aspects of Bible reading, guidance in the Christian life, witnessing to family members, meaning of serving, etc.
CSSL71.jpg (942 bytes)


...$ 3.95


CSS-L43 What Scientists Say About Evolution    Bilingual
Demonstrates the error of the theory of evolution by quoting some of its biggest supporters and their thoughts. Most quotations used in this informative book are directly quoted from scientists who are evolutionists.
CSSL43.jpg (23044 bytes)


...$ 1.40


DDD-V040 The Story of Jesus for Children  DVD
The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  Follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30. The children watch Jesus from the crowds; they see Him betrayed, wrongly accused, crucified, and buried.   Children of all ages will enjoy this captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a child's perspective.


DDDV040.jpg (5219 bytes) $5.00
CSS-L113 25 Favorite Bible Stories
Ura Miller
CSSL113.jpg (1361 bytes) $3.95
Covers stories from the the OT and from the birth through the resurrection of Christ.  There are full-color illustrations, a verse and 3 questions for each story.
Available in English   ENG-L922....$3.95


CSS-L114 101 Favorite Stories From the Bible
Ura Miller
Covering both Old & New Testaments, each story has a full-colored picture and questions to encourage discussion.  Beautiful hardback edition.
Available in English   ENG-L144....$10.95


CSSL114.jpg (1541 bytes) $10.99
CSS-L125 The Story of Christmas  
BINGUAL (Chinese/English)
The story of Jesus' birth for young children along with beautiful illustrations.   The English text is right below the Chinese text on each page. The pages are thicker and nonbendable - good to use with small children.
Hardcover. 6 1/2 x 6 1/2
CSSL125.jpg (3747 bytes) $7.99
CSS-L124 The Bible for Little Ones  
BINGUAL (Chinese/English)
This Bible story book has full-color illustrations on every page. It covers 47 stories from the OT and 46 stories from the NT.  The New Testament is mostly events from the life of Jesus, some of the parables He told,and some events from the book of Acts.
CSSL125.jpg (3747 bytes) $7.99

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