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A Look Inside America       
by Bill Perry                                     

An excellent supplement to help ESL students understand the history of our culture and the American Holidays.

In addition to the history, customs and celebrations of 17 American holidays, this edition has a very informative section on the historical development of the values upon which America's culture is based (e.g. individualism / equality / "doing" orientation etc.)

It is written in intermediate-level English. Vocabulary words are underlined throughout the text with a vocabulary definition list at the end of each chapter.


  • Labor Day
  • Columbus
  • Halloween
  • Veterans
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year's
  • Martin Luther King
  • Presidents'
  • Valentine's
  • St Patrick's
  • Easter
  • April Fool's
  • Memorial
  • Mother's/Father's
  • Independence
  • American Birthdays
"Bill Perry has added an important work to the too short list of literature which is designed to provide international students on our campuses with valuable information about the historical influences that caused the core values of the United States.  A LOOK INSIDE AMERICA has clear and concise explanations of what those values actually are and a full explanation of US holidays and what each day commemorates. From his many years of working with international students on our university campuses, Bill has learned how to speak and write to his audience simply and clearly."
L. Robert Kohls, Ph.D.
Institute for Intercultural Leaership
San Francisco CA

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