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Bill Perry

Revised and expanded, Storyteller's Bible Study continues to be one of the most effective cross-cultural evangelistic Bible study series now available.  It uniquely combines the chronological approach to Bible study together with the storytelling method and walks students from Creation to Christ in 12 lessons.  Initially it focused on international students in the US, but it was so effective that workers around the world now use it among people of many cultures and religions, both with non-Christians and new believers from non-Christian backgrounds.

We have improved the Teacher's Notes, Lesson Outlines, replaced the pictures, added quite a few notes on the basics and techniques of how to tell a good story, rewrote the Introduction and added a new appendix on how to teach the Trinity to those who have no familiarity with Christianity.  Beginning with Creation and going through Christ's Ascension, the lessons (9 Old Testament and 3 New Testament) build a framework for better understanding life from God's viewpoint, the power of the Gospel, the uniqueness of Christ, and the necessity of knowing Him personally. Storyteller's Bible Study meets a real need for cross-cultural evangelistic Bible studies.  





Bill Perry

Some internationals go through an introductory Bible Study, such as Storyteller's, but are still not ready to make a commitment to Christ. Many times this is because there are basic issues, especially for non-westerners, that they may be struggling with. These issues usually center around family, culture, lifestyle and truth issues which have to be dealt with before they commit themselves to the Lord. Bill Perry has recognized that many of the parables or metaphors that Christ used actually deal with these very issues. By studying these parables, it is hoped that internationals will cross over from those areas which are holding them back, to faith in Christ.




ENGL142.jpg (92147 bytes) ADD TO YOUR FAITH

Bill Perry

How does one disciple an international who has come to the Lord without westernizing him? Add to Your Faith does provide an answer. Using the seven components of Christian character from II Peter 1:5-7, it begins a study of the New Testament books in the order they were chronologically written. For example, the book of James was the first NT book written and it also is the book which exemplifies the first component of Christain character, moral goodness. While surveying the book of James, further principles of spiritual growth are discovered. Then through personal application questions, the student is able to apply these Universal Growth Principles to his own life and therefore to his own cultural understanding.




ENGL174.jpg (111361 bytes) THEY'RE NOT CHRISTIAN??

Bill Perry

Have you found the cults to be active in reaching international students?  In this book, Bill Perry looks at eight major western cults (Christian Science, Mormons, Scientology, Unification Church, International Church of Christ, Unity School of Christianity, Jehovah's Witnesses, The Way International) and compares them with historical Christianity.  More than just a source of information about these cults, the author gives the reader a method on how to evaluate any religious organization to see if it is truly Christian. Arithmetic symbols provide an easy-to-follow format with its focus limited to four main points of doctrine and practice:
Adding to - Sources of Inspired Authority
Subtracting From - Person & Work of Jesus Christ
Multiplying - Requirements of Salvation
Division of - Relationships With Family & Friends




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A Look Inside America

Updated 2011, 5th printing

Exploring America's Cultural Values and Holidays

Bill Perry

An expanded and rewritten edition of American Holidays (which is now out of print) in easier English.  In addition to the history, customs and celebrations of 17 American holidays, this edition has a very informative section on the historical development of the values upon which America's culture is based (individualism / equality / "doing" orientation, etc)  An excellent way to share about the American holidays with international friends!  They are presented in the book according to the school year.  Taken altogether, the descriptions tactfully present the gospel and acquaint the reader with Christianity.

Labor Day
New Year's
Martin Luther King
St Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day
Independence Day
American Birthdays



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