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    God's Story     DVD or VCD
          Creation to Christ

    A great way....
  • to gain a feel for the whole Bible in one sitting.
  • to communicate the Gospel to someone whose language you do not speak.
    • to have a resource that all age groups and cultures can enjoy.

    Language DVDs

       Flip Chart

      English Script

    Discussion Guide


    Using a chronological presentation from Genesis to Revelation, God's Story is an outstanding and dramatic introductory overview of the entire Bible.  The stories and prophecies of the Old Testament lay a firm foundation for understanding the life of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

    It combines the effective method of storytelling, the use of artistic masterpeices, live footage and special effects.  God's Story is a production that bridges age groups and cultures and it is good for evangelizing or discipling.  The Bible characers are brought alive by multi-talented Walt Disney starts, Actor Dean Jones and Artist Norm McGary.

    VCD or DVD.............................80 mins................................$17.95

    The format for God's Story is in the process of changing from VCD to DVD.  The code will indicate the format available for each language.
    ALB-V402-VCD Albanian
    AMH-V401-VCD Amharic
    ARA-DVD-22 Arabic
    ARA-V401-VCD Arabic (Tunisian)
    ASL-V401-VCD American Sign
    ARM-V401-VCD Armenian
    BEM-V401-VCD Bemba
    BEN-V403-VCD Bengali
    BUR-V401-VCD Burmese
    CAM-V403-VCD Cambodian (Khmer)
    CAN-DVD-22 Cantonese
    CEB-V401-VCD Cebuano
    CHI-V401-VCD Chichewa
    DAR-V401-VCD Dari
    DIN-DVD-22 Dinka
    ENG-DVD-22* English
    FRE-DVD-22 French
    FUL-V401-VCD Fulfulde (Central)
    FUL-V402-VCD Fulfulde (Pulaar)
    GER-DVD-22 German
    GRE-DVD-22 Greek
    GUA-V401-VCD Guarani
    GUJ-V401-VCD Gujarati
    HAI-V401-VCD Haitian Creole
    HAU-V401-VCD Hausa
    HEB-V401-VCD Hebrew
    HIN-DVD-22** Hindi
    HMO-V402-VCD Hmong (Blue)
    HMO-V401-VCD Hmong (White)
    IND-V403-VCD Indonesian - Sumatra
    IND-V404-VCD Indonesian - Jakarta
    ITA-V401-VCD Italian
    JPN-DVD-22* Japanese
    KAN-V401-VCD Kannada
    KAR-V401-VCD Karen (Pwo)
    KAR-V402-VCD Karen (Sgaw)
    KAZ-V401-VCD Kazak
    KOR-V402-VCD Korean
    KUR-V402-VCD Kurdish - Kurmanji
    KUR-V401-VCD Kurdish - Sorani
    LAO-V401-VCD Laotian
    MAA-V401-VCD Maasai
    MAL-V401-VCD Malayalam
    MAN-DVD-22 Mandarin
    MAR-V401-VCD Marathi
    MON-V401-VCD Mongolian
    NEP-V401-VCD Nepali
    ORI-DVD-22 Oriya
    PER-DVD-22 Persian (Farsi)
    POL-V401-VCD Polish
    POR-DVD-22* Portuguese - Brazil
    PUN-V401-VCD** Punjabi
    QUI-V401-VCD Quechua - Ecuador
    ROM-DVD-22 Romanian
    RUS-DVD-22 Russian
    SER-DVD-22 Serbian
    SHO-V401-VCD Shona
    SIN-DVD-22 Sinhala
    SOM-V401-VCD Somali
    SPA-DVD-22* Spanish
    SWA-DVD-22 Swahili
    TAG-DVD-22 Tagalog
    TAM-V401-VCD Tamil
    TAR-V401-VCD Tartar
    TEL-V401-VCD Telegu
    THA-DVD-22 Thai
    TIB-V401-VCD Tibetan - Lahasa
    TIG-DVD-22 Tigrinya - Eritrea
    TIG-V401-VCD Tigrinya - Ethiopia
    TUR-V435-VCD Turkish
    TWI-V401-VCD Twi (Asante)
    UIG-V401-VCD Uighur
    UKR-V401-VCD Ukrainian
    URD-V401-VCD Urdu
    VIE-V412-VCD Vietnamese
    WAR-DVD-22 Waray-Waray
    WOL-V401-VCD Wolof
    YOR-V401-VCD Wolof
    Multiple-Language DVDs

    *English/Portuguese/Spanish together
      on a multi-language DVD.        
      DDVD-023.. NTSC......$24.95

    **English/Punjabi/Hindi/Kashmiri/ Haryanvi
       together on a multi-language DVD.        
      DDVD-022.. NTSC......$24.95


    Flip Chart of God's Story

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    Over 200 beautiful colored pictures on 150 panels.  When the panels are flipped, it gives almost a movie-like view of the Bible.  Comes in a canvas portfolio bag. 
    17" x 10"
    English Script is incorporated into the chart.



    English Script

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    Discussion Guide

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