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JPN-L92 Bible Handbook
A basic self-study introductory course to what the Bible is, its main message, how it was written and how to use it.  Each lesson contains fill-in-the-blank questions taken from the lesson and a short review of the previous lesson. Contains a glossary of words and some illustrations.
Also available in English 
ENG-L939    $3.50


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JPN-L22 Digest Bible
An introduction to the Bible for those who have not read the Bible before. Includes famous passages, central teachings of the Bible and introductory remarks for the first-time Bible reader.  Excellent!.


JPNL22.jpg (19146 bytes) ..$2.50

Even Though You Believe, You Still Have Questions (Out of stock)
Nanami Minami
Using a charming cartoon style (this style is very popular, called manga in Japanese), readers receive insights on how to deal with society's problems as Christians.  Some of the areas covered are cults, gays, serving the church, marrige and the relationship of men and women.


JPNL52.jpg (2515 bytes) ..$16.95
JPN-L88 First Look at the Bible
Kazuhiko Uchida
A simple, captivating introduction to the Bible for people who do not know anything about it.


     JPNL88.jpg (2850 bytes)         ..$ 8.50
JPN-L49 First Look at Christianity:
A Book For Seekers
Kazuhiko Uchida
For people who say, "This is the first time I’ve thought about Christianity." A winsome evangelistic study of John 3:16 in everyday language.


JPNL49.jpg (19742 bytes) ..$8.50
JPN-L59 First Look at Prayer
Kazuhiko Uchida
A clear and appealing introduction to prayer, especially for people who have never prayed before.


First Look at Prayer ..$8.50
JPN-L81 Handy Bible Concordance
An 179-page concordance with over 20,000 verse listings that corresponds with the New Japanese Version.


 JPNL81.jpg (910 bytes) ..$13.95
JPN-L97 Happy Are...
Petro Schaad
Good evangelistic book for those who are asking about God. This booklet shows how God has communicated to us through the Bible and then gives a clear presentation of the Gospel.
Available in English..


 Happy Are... ..$3.25
JPN-L84 Introduction to Small Groups
Sean Odani (Out of stock)
Excellent instructions on how to conduct small group Bible studies.


JPNL84.jpg (1786 bytes) ..$14.95
JPN-L96 Love Makes You New
Encouraging and healing short messages from the Bible by 11 pastors who have spoken on radio and TV.  They introduce the true and living God and His love and open the door of faith to nonChristians.


JPNL96.jpg (3910 bytes) ...$5.95
JPN-L16 Shiokari Pass
Ayako Miura
A powerful, true story of a young Japanese man who discovers his own sinful nature as he tries to live a good life in his own power.  This brings him to Christ. He ultimately has to choose between his life and others.


JPNL16.jpg (21548 bytes) ...$11.50
JPN-L90 60 Life-Changing Bible Passages
Edited by Nobuyuki Saika
Wonderful introduction to themes of the Bible that touch real life.  Part 1 presents Bible quotations grouped under 10 topics.  Part 2, each of the same passages are linked to a book, movie or song which quotes it or in inspired by it.  Topics includeYou are loved - Without worry or fear - Joy of giving - Stuck but OK - Encountering suffereing - Humbling yourself - Anger produces nothing - Overcoming the sadness of death - Who is Jesus


JPNL90.jpg (967 bytes) ...$14.95
JPN-L18 Wind is Howling (out of stock)
The moving autobiography of a widely-known Japanese novelist during Japn's turbulent post-war period.  Shares her pathway to Christianity through serious illness, suffering and loss.
JPNL18.jpg (22693 bytes) ..$9.95

Bible Study

JPN-L20 Foundations for Faith 36pp ...$1.75
Four-lesson, basic Bible study that lays an excellent foundation for introducing a first-time Bible student to Christianity. This is a very effective Bible study. The lessons are titled: What is God like according to the Bible? Why is the world in this condition? What did God do about the problem? Why did Jesus have to die? JPNL20.jpg (18516 bytes)
Available in English.. ENG-L815 .....$1.75


JPN-L61 My Heart for You -Audio Tract $3.95
A specially-produced CD by various Japanese musicians, introducing the unbeliever to Christianity through song and an evangelistic message.  Songs include:   His Name - A Victor - Ready to Die? - Beside You - I Love You - My Heart for You JPNl61.jpg (19087 bytes)


AJPN-L9T Who Is Jesus? $.07
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presentng the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided folded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.
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