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Biblically Accurate - The Jesus DVD  is the most Biblically and historically-accurate film ever made on the life of Christ. Backed by five years of painstaking research, it was filmed entirely in the Holy Land. First-century clothing, architecture, customs and food were carefully studied to insure the film's authenticity. The only words that Jesus speaks are His words as recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

A Proven Tool - The Jesus film has an impressive track record of success as an evangelistic tool. With translations completed in languages and others in process, it has been used to introduce tens of millions of people to Christ.

Special Invitation - The DVD includes a clear gospel presentation and opportunity to pray and receive Christ at the conclusion of the film.

    America Cities Edition
        [ 24 languages on 1 DVD
   Arabic - Bengali - Cantonese - Czech(subtitles) - Dutch - English - Farsi - Finnish(subtitles) - French - German(subtitles) - Gujarati - Haitian - Hindi - Hmong - Italian - Japanese - Khmer - Korean - Mandarin - Polish - Portuguese - Punjabi - Russian - Somali - Spanish - Tagalog - Urdu - Vietnamese

.......$5.00  each

            10 for $4.00 each

Multiple Language DVDs
Single Language DVDs


Jesus DVDs available for purchase in 1000+ languages

Multiple-Language DVDs.  There are 8 to 16 different languages of the JESUS film included on 1 DVD. Check here as there are various language combinations.

The Story of Jesus Through the Eyes of Children DVD.  The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who may have lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.  $9.95 each  or 30 DVDs for $8 each of the same language.  Available in many languages.

          SPECIAL!! - 24 Language Childrens DVD- $5.00