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Language Learning

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Many Christian workers have found these CONVERSATIONAL LANGUAGE COURSES excellent self-study introductory courses. The course consists of a BOOK and a PRONUNCIATION CD.   The course is intended for Christian workers. The book contains both everyday phrases and witnessing phrases, and 10 Scriptures to memorize.   The pronunciation tape offers sentence-to-sentence pronunciation guidance. This is an exciting and highly-effective unique approach to language study.

The courses were developed by Dr. Mike Thomas, who taught several foreign languages at university level for almost 40 years.  There is an emphasis on:

  • repetition

  • a simple, conversation approach

  • "leveled learning" in small pieces

  • all reinforced by listening to native speakers pronounce and speak

  • integration of spiritual/biblical vocabulary in the learning process

The only language we still have available is Chinese Mandarin:

ACHI-LCD Chinese (Mandarin)

$18.95  Book & CD


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