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     Chinese [Mandarin]
CHIL67.jpg (4114 bytes) Heavenly Songs for Children  CD
Kids will enjoy these 50 Sunday School-type songs sung by kids themselves.
CSSL110.jpg (1531 bytes) Wonderful Grace  CD
8 songs include:  Immanuel Song - Wonderful Grace - The Birth of Jesus - The Way/Truth/Life - Death of Jesus - Resurrection of Jesus - The Returning to heaven - Hallelujah


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GERL28.jpg (2497 bytes) Carried On Eagles Wings   CD
A collection of standard German hymns..





JPNl61.jpg (2821 bytes) My Heart For You    Audio Tract   CD
Noboru Morishige
A specially-produced CD by various Japanese musicians, introducing the unbeliver to Christianity through song along with an evangelistic message.  Songs include:
1. His Name   2. A Victor  3. Ready to Die?  4. Beside You  5. I Love You   6. (Message)  7. My Heart For You.



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RUSL268.jpg (24211 bytes) A Traditional Russian Christmas  CD
A Compliation of Traditional Russian Folk and Christmas Music
by Blagovestie
Blagovestie [Russian for 'Good News'] is a Christian group that has been playing traditional Russian folk songs and Christian music for almost 20 years. The group leader and main vocalist is Boris Berezhnoi.



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Christian Hymns CD

Christian Hymns   CD
The Lege Octet
Selection of well-known hymns sung
beautifully acapella.
Amazing Grace - Blessed Assurance - Old Rugged Cross - Crown Him With Many Crowns.





RUSL175.jpg (4014 bytes) In Front of the Cross   CD
Alexei Basarab
Evangelist and singer presents Russian songs about the cross.




RUSL158.jpg (3900 bytes) Star of My Life   CD
Alexei Basarab
Evangelist and singer presents 10 Russian songs and 2 bonus songs in Ukrainian.


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SOML02.jpg (23566 bytes) The Voices of Light   CD
   Codadka Iftiinka
Somali Christian music in a contemporary style which has been liked by both Muslim and Christians.  A small booklet included has the words of the songs in both Somali and English.


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THAL69.jpg (4861 bytes) Power to Worship    Vol 3  CD
The CD is a selection of praise and worship songs. Includes:   Here I Am to Worship



THAL52.jpg (2623 bytes) Thai Christian Country Album   CD
Thai Christian songs sung in a way that reflect a Thai musical styl.e


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