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POR-L48 Caring Enough to Forgive
David Augsburger
A biblically sound book that defines the difference between true and false forgiveness.  It demonstrates how to forgive effectively while keeping a relationship healthy.
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...$ 7.95
POR-L15 Cross & the Switchblade
David Wilkerson
Powerful story of a young preacher and his encouunter with gangs in New York.  The power of God is shown when a top gang leader has his life changed by Christ.
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POR-L50 God Came Near
Max Lucado
Divinity entering the world on the floor of a stable.  Travel back in time as the author brings to life the birth of Christ through his own use of vivid word pictures.
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POR-L47 Happy Are Those
Good evangelistic book for those who are asking about God.  This booklet shows how God has communicated to us through the Bible and then gives a clear presentation of the Gospel.
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...$ 3.25
POR-L17 More Than a Carpenter
Josh & Sean McDowell
This inspirational classic is now updated with new content that addresses questions raised by today's atheistic thinkers, while once again examining the evidence for the deity of Jesus Christ.
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POR-L05 Now That You are His
David Shibley
New believers will find pratical advice on discipleship. A great follow-up guide for the new Christian.


POR-L63 Our God is Wonderful
William MacDonald
In this thrilling book one is taken on a journey through creation, providence and redemption, proving again the awesomeness of our God.  You'll see God in a wonderful way.


...$ 9.95
POR-L58 Questions
Werner Gitt
Out of his years of evangelism, Prof Gitt answers real qustions that doubters and seekers have actually asked.  He covers such topics as God, the Bible, science & faith, eternity.
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POR-L61 Second Coming of Christ -
Our Great Hope
D Hernandez Lopez
Much-liked author confirms in our hearts and minds how the return of Jesus Christ to judge the nations and live with His church is a culmination of all history.
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POR-L40 Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
John Cross
The major events & teachings of the Bible are woven into a dramatic & chronological narrative so the reader can understand the history of God’s relationship to mankind from the beginning to eternity.
Available in English ENG-L187..$12.95
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POR-l53 The Story of Hope
The Story of Hope uses 40 key Bible events to give an overview of the message of the Bible - 20 events from the OT and 20 from the NT.  The book is written in such a way that the gospel message can be shared as a short presentation or taught in several lessons of various time frames.    Beautiful full-colored glossy pictures  illustrate each event. It is designed to allow for several different levels of Bible study.  Students will need a Bible to look up the Scripture passages. 

Included are tips for self-study / suggestions for group leaders / 2 maps of the Biblical world / an illustration of the Tabernacle.

Eight essential truths emerge out of these Bible stories: God, Man, Sin, Death, Christ, Cross, Faith, Life - what was learned about our Creator, about mankind, disobedience to God, penalty for sin, about Jesus, about trusting Jesus and about eternal life.
6 1/2 x 9 3/4
Also Available in English


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POR-L39 What On Earth Am I Here For?
Rick Warren
Taken from The Purpose-Driven Life, this book answers the following questions & challenges us to see life as God sees it:
Why am I alive?
Does my life matter?
What is my purpose?


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POR-L52 Women in the Bible
Eunice Faith Priddy
Does God value women?  Many people from other cultures struggle with this issue.  This is a devotional study of the lives of 50 women in the Bible and brings out the spiritual lessons we can learn from each life.
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DDD-V040 The Story of Jesus Through the
Eyes of Children NTSC DVD

The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  You can follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.
A special bonus is that 24 languages are included on this single DVD.
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30 for $4

Bible Study

APOR-L9C Apostle's Creed ...$.95
Each statement of the creed is studied individually with Bible texts and questions (about 4 or 5 texts and 4 or 5 questions per statement). The lessons can be used for indiviidual study or to promote a discussion. It is bi-lingual, one page Portuguese and the opposite page English.
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