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RUS-L001 Can Love Be Sin?
Wolfgan Bune
A book about sexual purity before marriage.

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RUS-L244 Christian Hymns
(bi-lingual hymnbook)

A bi-lingual (Russian/English) hymnbook containing the words and music to 427 hymns.
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RUS-L136 Death & the Life Thereafter
Dr Billy Graham
Deals with questions on dying, euthanasia, suicide, wills, finding peace.   Also shares some personal testimonies.
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RUS-L0051 First Steps
An introductory Bible study on the Gospel of John for those who want to know more about Christ and His mission on earth.  Good also for those who have little or no Bible knowledge.  Set of 4 books.
Also available in English.


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...$ 6.95
RUS-L0033 Freedom & Power of Forgiveness
John MacArthur
Pastor John MacArthur thoroughly examines God's Word to answer the questions you're asking about the possibility, powr, necessirty, freedom & meaning of forgiveness for your relationships and your soul.


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RUS-L0096 God's World - His Story
Roger L. Berry
An excellent textbook on the events of world history from a Biblical viewpoint.   The text follows history chronologically.  It begins with creation and ends with the reformation and the early Anabaptist movement.  Includes colored maps and many illustrations.  Paperback.


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...$ --
RUS-L0030 Happy Are Those...
Peter Schaad
Good evangelistic book for those who are asking about God.  This booklet shows how God has communicated to us through the Bible and then gives a clear presentation of the Gospel.


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RUS-L0052 If You Are A New Christian
James Martin
A well-written, 16-page, black & white booklet that encourages the new believer to read the Bible, develop a personal prayer life, fellowship with other believers, and walk in a way that will please the Lord on a daily basis.
RUSL0052.jpg (798 bytes) ...$.25
RUS-L315 Jesus
This is a biblical defense for the deity of Jesus - an apologetic discussion of the Bible's proclamation that Jesus is God.
 RUSl315.jpg (4219 bytes)     140pp ...$ 7.50
RUS-L07A Jesus Our Destiny
Wilhelm Busch
The author/evangelist forcefully but simply presents the Biblical answer to man's most important questions.  Very effective tool for evangelism.


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RUS-L056 Letters to Philip
Walter Trobish
Minister offers his son advise on how to live with a wife through life's daily problems.
RUSL056.jpg (1705 bytes) 48pp ...$ 5.25
RUS-L34 Lights on the Way
B.B. Jensen
Story of an unbelieving Jewish family whose daughter becomes a Christian.
RUSL34.jpg (982 bytes) 62pp ...$ 2.00


Marriage Book, The
How to Build a LastingRelationship
Nicky & Sila Lee
This book is easy to read and is designed to prepare, build and even mend marriages.  Practical advice on what builds a strong marriage for engaged and married people.  Also gives single people an insight into marriage.
RUSL0020.jpg (1999 bytes) 329pp ...$9.95
RUS-L409 Power of Praying Together
Stormie Omartian
Unlease the power of two or more  The author says, "When I learned to pray with others about the things that concerned me, I found myself praying more with greater direction and purpose."
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177pp ...$ --
RUS-L414 Questions of Utmost Importance
Werner Gitt
Real answers to real questions that doubters and seekers have actually asked.   Covers such topics as God, the Bible, science and faith, eternity, etc.
RUSL414.jpg (3711 bytes) 157pp ...$ 7.25
RUS-L17 Scientists Who Believe
Eric Barrett
Twenty-one men and women who have achieved notoriety in the field of science share how they have found personal fulfillment through faith in Jesus Christ.
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218pp ...$8.95
RUS-L0016 Searching Issues
Nicky Gumbel
The Director of the Alpha Course (who was once raised as an atheist) addresses seven common objections to the Christian faith: God and Suffering - Sex Before Marriage -What About Other Religions? - The New Age Movement - Homosexuality - Science & Christianity - The Trinity.
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127pp ...$10.95
RUS-L411 Secret of the Power of Prayer
N.I. Saloff-Astakhoff
The author explains the importance and significance of prayer as the link of communication between man and His Creator.  Many interesting examples of the power of prayer are given and of times when prayer was instrumental in the spread of the Gospel.
Available in English   ENG-L766..$6.95
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127pp ...$3.95
RUS-L042 Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
John Cross
The major events & teachings of the Bible are woven into a dramatic & chronological narrative so the reader can understand the history of God's relationship to mankind from the beginning to eternity.
English - ENG-L187....$12.95
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RUS-L081 The Promise
Harold Essmann
A colorful 16-page magazine which presents the basic Biblical message of the fall of man into sin to finding new life in Christ.
8 1/2 x 11 format.
English - ENG-L932....$1.35
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RUS-L412 They Followed Jesus
This interesting book relates a short biography of 9 different heros of the faith.

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163pp ...$7.95
RUS-L413 To Be a Pilgrim
A short biography of John Bunyan, who turned from a life of sin and became the author of the classic allegory, PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.

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RUS-L0050 Treasure of God's Promises
C.H. Spurgeon
Spiritual wisdom is shared by Charles Sprugeon as he gives a one-page devotional commentary based on a Scripture verse for each day of the year.

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372pp ...$ --
RUS-L0023 Truth or Error
The truths of Christianity are compared to other religions such as JWs, spiritualism, Mormonism and eastern mysticism.

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RUS-L18 Ultimate Questions
John Blanchard
An excellent booklet giving the Biblical answer to questions on man's existence and his relationship to God.
English - ENG-L811 / 32pp / $2.95


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32pp ...$2.95
RUS-L0048 Where Did the Bible Come From:
Gives a history on the origins of the Bible and how it has come down to us today.


RUSL0048.jpg (1132 bytes)RUSL0047 ...$7.95
RUS-L0047 Where Is God When Things Go Wrong?
John Blanchard
Provides the Biblical answer for human tragedy in a world created by a loving God.


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...$ --
RUS-L0053 Who Is God?
This tract presents God as holy and righteous and just before whom we will stand one day, and yet He is the God of love who gives forgiveness of sin to those who draw near to Him through Jesus Christ.  8-page fold out.


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...$ .12
RUS-L273 Whom Shall I Fear?
Peirsom and his wife, Claudine, face the uncertainties of what would happen to their family because of their faith in the Lord. "Whom shall I fear?" became the question and decision point in their lives.


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...$ --
RUS-L0083 Women in the Bible
Eunice Faith Priddy
Does God value women?  Many women from othr cultures struggle with this isue.   This is a devotional study of the lives of 50 women in the Bible and brings out the spiritual lessons we can learn from each life.
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...$ --

Bible Study


RUS-L0093 Bible Handbook
A basic self-study introductory course to what the Bible is, its main message, how it was written and how to use it.  Each lesson contains fill-in-the-blank questions taken from the lesson and a short review of the previous lesson. Contains a glossary of words and some illustrations.
Also available in English 
ENG-L939    $3.50


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95pp ...$3.50
RUS-L042 Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
John Cross
The major events & teachings of the Bible are woven into a dramatic & chronological narrative so the reader can understand the history of God's relationship to mankind from the beginning to eternity.  Excellent!
Also Available in English


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RUS-L93 Won By One
A basic questions, reference and fill-in-the-blank Bible study. Part One covers basic Bible teachings on the Scriptures, God, creation, sin and salvation etc. Part Two covers instructions of the believer's life, walk, fellowship and witness for Christ.


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71pp ....$2.00

Children / Youth

DDD-V040 The Story of Jesus Through the
Eyes of Children NTSC DVD

The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  You can follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.
A special bonus is that 24 languages are included on this single DVD.

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30 @ $4.00 EACH

RUS-L0089 A Chunk of Asphalt...and other stories for children
Lola Kamalova
This book of true stories for children and young teens was written in the country of Uzbekistan.  Some of the stories teach simple virtues such as honesty, thankfulness and kindness. Other stories tell of harrassment during the time when Uzbekistan was under the rule of the Soviet Union.  Each story illustrated with original artwork.
English - ENG-L154 / $2.95


RUSL0089.jpg (3394 bytes) 61pp ...$ --
RUS-L44 Bible Character Storybook - Noah
A very nice 32 page storybook on the life of Noah with large colored pictures on most pages. The other books in the series are Jonah and Davis.


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32pp ...$ --
RUS-L0091 Bible in the Wall
The true story set in the 1800's, of a man who repeatedly rejects the gift of a Bible. Surviving intact despite a destructive fire, this Bible which he rejected three times becomes the tool used by God to transform the man's life. 
English - ENG-L149 / $6.95


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...$ 1.50
RUS-L006A Bible Pictures to Color
Corresponds with Bible Stories to Read


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RUS-L006 Bible Stories to Read
The Reading Book (5 x 8) contains 60 stories told from the Bible (36 OT & 24 from NT) along with 3 questions for each story.  The Coloring book ( 8 x 10 1/2) has a large picture to color for each of the 60 stories.   Although designed to be used together, these books may be purhased individually.


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RUS-S172 Children's BIBLE
A Faith-to-Grow-On Bible
This full-text Bible is combined with words of wisdom from well-known and trusted Bible teacher, John MacArthur.  A great introduction to Bible study for children ages 7-11. Includes introductions to each book of the Bible, notes on spiritual growth, meanings of important words, articles on 16 charcters in the Bible and lessons we can learn from them, prayer and ways to read the Bible, and additional helps.   Full-colored illustrations throughout the text.


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RUS-L0087 Mary Jones & Her Bible
Mary Emily Ropes
This is the heartwarming, real-life story of a little girl whose strongest desire in life was to possess her very own Bible.  Through hard work, determination, prayer, faith and even a 50 mile barefoot walk, Mary Jones, a young girl living in rural Wales in the late 1700's did whatever it took to obtain a copy of the Word of God.   Her story inspired the setting up of the British and Foreign  Bible Society which has supplied faithful translations of the Bible throughout the world.
English - ENG-L165 / $7.50


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RUS-L0085 Picture Bible New Testament
[Life of Christ & History of the Early Church]
Translation of the David C. Cook picture NT, this full-color "comic book" portrays the Life of Christ and portions of the book of Acts.


RUSL0085.jpg (1717 bytes)


RUS-L0001 25 Favorite Bible Stories
Ura Miller
Covers stories from the whole Bible going from creation to the New Jerusalem. The story is on one page while a full-color illustration is on the opposite page. A verse especially for parents is given along with 3 questions for the children.
English - ENG-L922 / $3.9
RUSL0001.jpg (1462 bytes)


55pp ...$3.95
RUS-L87 101 Favorite Stories
From the Bible
Ura Miller
Covers stories from the OT & from the birth through resurrection of Christ.  Full-color illustrations, a verse & 3 questions for each story. Written in easy-to-understand words, these 101 Favorite stories from the Bible have delighted millions of children all around the world. Beautiful hardback edition.

Available in English  ENG-L144....$10.99


RUSL87.jpg (1788 bytes)


215pp ...$10.99

Poetry Books

RUS-L097 Heaven and Earth - Vera Kushnir
A book of poetry by one of Russia's most well-known, living poets. Her poetry is known for being very vivid, as she writes with feeling from her heart.
RUSL097.jpg (884 bytes)


RUS-L0088 One Worthy of Worship
A sister from the background of increasing persecution in Central Asia writes poetry about sanctification, the call to salvation, faithfulness to the Lord, and praising Him. With illustrations.
RUSL0088.jpg (4437 bytes)


RUS-L0090 Seeking the Eternal
Another book of poetry by the same author as the book One Worthy of Worshp.
RUSL0090.jpg (3612 bytes)




ARUS-L9T Who Is Jesus? ...$.12
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenitng the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided folded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.
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