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TUR-L33 All That the Prophets
Have Spoken
J.R. Cross
Clearly and logically explains the great themes of the Bible chronologically and as one great universal drama.  Written with sensitivity for those with a Muslim background. Includes an excellent explanation of how we got the Bible.

Available in English..ENG-L904...$12.95

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TUR-L41 Beliefs & Practices of Christians
Dr. William Miller
This excellent book, introducing basic Christian beliefs & the teachings of Scripture, was written especially for those with a Muslim background by one who ministered many years in an Islamic country.

Available in English..ENG-L613...$3.25

TURL41.gif (7847 bytes) ...$ 8.95
TUR-L12 Calvary Road
Roy Hession
Many people have found Christ through reading this book. It presents the basis of Christianity by examining the claims of Christ in light of historical facts and then explains the Gospel.

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TUR-L30 Cross in the Gospel
& the Koran
Iskander Jadeed
After considering various statements in the Koran about Christ's death, it clearly presents Christ's death from the Gospel, including proofs for the Cruxifixion and Resurrection.

Available in English...ENG-L601...$2.25


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TUR-L25 Dr. Sa'eed
J. Rasooli
The thrilling true story of a well-known doctor and evangelist in Iran, who as a young Muslim priest, found faith in Christ.

Available in English...ENG-L618...$11.95
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TUR-L40 Happy Are Those. . .
Good evangelistic book for those who
are asking about God.  This booklet shows how God has communicated to us through the Bible and then gives a clear presentation of the Gospel.

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TUR-L29 Infallibility of the Torah
& the Gospel
Iskander Jadeed
Using history, arfchaeology and the Koran, it shows the authenticity of the Scriptures.  Asks Muslims to show historically when the Scriptures were corrupted.

Available in English...ENG-L606...$2.75

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TUR-L06 Logic of Faith
Dale Rhoton
Convincingly examines the claims of Christ, His miracles, prophecies about Him, arguments against Christianity an the test of experience.


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TUR-L09 Meaning of Sacrifice
Appealing to Muslims, this excellent booklet tells the basic meaning of sacrifice and points to the final sacrifice of Jesus 

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TUR-L43 Questions Asked Again & Again
Werner Gitt
Out of his years of evangelism, Prof Gitt answers real questions that doubters and seekers have actually asked.  He covers such topics as God, the Bible, science & faith, eternity, etc.

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TUR-L39 25 Favorite Stories
From the Bible
Ura Miller
Beginning with Creation, this book covers stories from the OT as well as   from the birth through resurrection of Christ.  There is a full-color picture for each story, plus a Bible verse and 3 questions for discussion.
Available in English  ENG-L922....$3.99

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TUR-L21 Ultimate Questions
John Blanchard
A well-written, full-colored booklet giving Biblical answers to questions on man's existence and his relationship to God.
Available in English ENG-L811...$2.95
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TUR-L42 Why It Pays to be A Christian
Norbert Leith
Where does modern man find satisfaction?  Jesus Christ has much more to offer than many know.  If He really is who He claims to be, then no one can escape Him.

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DDD-V040 The Story of Jesus Through the
Eyes of Children NTSC DVD

The Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during Jesus' time on earth.  You can follow their lives as they lived in Jerusalem around AD 30.
A special bonus is that 24 languages are included on this single DVD.
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Books on Biblical Creationism:


TUR-L35 Dinosaurs By Design
Dr. Guane T. Gish
A beautifully illustrated book on dinosaurs for young people, describing the various kinds of dinosaurs and the nature of their fossil record.  This study also places dinosaurs in their true Biblical context in relation to Creation and the Flood.   8 1/2 x 11 Hardback.t
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...$ 7.95
TUR-L37 EVOLUTION: The Fossils Still Say NO
Duane T. Gish
The author shows why the fossils do not necessarily support evolution.
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...$ 6.95
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