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VIE-L22 After the Rain (out of stock)
A collection of thirteen short stories dealing with social and family issues, touching lightly on religious aspect.
158 pp


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...$ 6.95
VIE-L40 Are You Truly Alive?
A collection of thirteen short stories dealing with social and family issues, touching lightly on religious aspect.
158 pp


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...$ .60
VIE-L72 Authentic Servant
Ajith Fernando
Here is clear and penetrating insight into what it means to be a leader: combining good theology and deep personal devotion, capturing the centrality of the cross.
32 pp


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VIE-L13 Bible Lessons on Luke
2 books
Ethnic Writer
26 lessons through the book of Luke. They contain the Scripture portion, a teaching section, conclusion and an application.
71 & 68 pp


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...$ 2.95
VIE-L38 Death & Resurrection of Jesus(Out)
A harmony of the Scripure passages concerning the death & resurrection of Christ.
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...$ 1.50
VIE-L43 First Steps in Christian Faith
Excellent for a new believer. It covers the basics of the Christian life: how to read the Bible, pray, witness etc.
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VIE-L53 Five Love Languages
Gary Chapman
While working as a marriage counsellor for more than 30 years, the author identifies five love languages:  words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch. He also helps you spouse's and your own love language.


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...$ 13.25
VIE-L69 Know What You Believe (out of stock)
Paul E. Little
An explanation of the basic truths found in the Bible and in Christianity.
viel69.jpg (4056 bytes) ...$13.95
VIE-L06 Living the Christian Life
Helpful for new believers in their relation to God, the family, the church and to those who have not yet come to faith.
VIEL06.jpg (20842 bytes) ...$1.95
VIE-L42 Love & Marriage
Deals with marriage - its challenges and problems in the family life as Christians. Also deals with relationships between husbands and wives and how to build a healthy marriage.
Viel42.jpg (1023 bytes) ...$10.25
VIE-L52 Power of a Praying Wife
Stormie Omartian
An excellent book!!  Learn about the tremendous impact a praying wife has on her family.
VIEL52.jpg (1506 bytes) ...$13.50
VIE-L55 Purpose-Driven Life (not available)
Rick Warren
A 40-day spiritual journey that could change your life as you discover God's purpose for creating you. This will give meaning to your life & prepare you for eternity.
VIEL55.jpg (1638 bytes) ...$19.95
VIE-L71 Spiritual Leadership
Oswald Sanders
A timeless classic in teaching the principles of leadership as seen in the lives of different men of God.  Challenges the readers to place their talents and powers at God's disposal.
VIEL71.jpg (2156 bytes) ...$10.50
VIE-L54 Storyteller's Bible Study
Bill Perry
A complete teacher resource for conducting a chronological Bible study which lays a firm foundation for faith in 12 lessons.  Uses the storytelling method.   Includes reproducible student helps, a full-colored picture for each lesson, teacher's notes.  Lesson contents: In the Begining, Evil in the world, Universal Destrucdtion, The Making of nations, Abraham, The passover, The Ten Commandments, The Temple, The Prophets, Early Life of Jesus Christ, Ministry of jesus Christ, The World's Most Important Message.
Available in English ENG-L198...$12.95
VIEL54.jpg (1627 bytes) ...$18.95
VIE-L73 36 Steps to Christian Leadership
The Biblical priorities of godliness, humility, submission, prayer and accountability are presented to help in the spiritual crisis of leadership today.
VIEL73.jpg (2936 bytes) ...$1.95
VIE-L39 Ultimate Questions
John Blanchard
A well-written, full-colored booklet giving Biblical answers to questions on man's existence and his relationship to God.
Available in English ENG-L811...$2.95
VIEL39.jpg (1603 bytes) ...$2.95
VIE-L16 Who To Choose?
The story of a former Vietnamese diplomat to France who at one time opposed Christianity and how he later found Christ.
VIEL16.jpg (4055 bytes) ...$ .60


AVIEL-L9T Who Is Jesus? ...$.06
An excellent tract for giving along with Scripture or a book! It helps to lay a foundation for faith by presenitng the unfolding plan of salvation from the fall of man to the redemptive work of Christ. Eight-sided folded single sheet. Size 3 1/2 x 4 1/4.
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